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At Belle Epoque, we have extensive experience in the valuation of both furniture & artwork. Susan has twenty years experience as an Antiques dealer and buyer, with a deep understanding of fluctuating market trends. Leigh has worked in the position of Art valuer at several significant Australian institutions and auction rooms under the Australian Auctioneers & Valuers Association accreditation, and has extensive experience valuing both Australian and International artworks at all levels. We offer free consultation and valuation for clients looking to sell or insure their pieces.



At Belle Epoque, if we do not stock a particular piece, maker or artist you are interested in, we offer our customers the service of sourcing specific objects or artworks that best suit their requests. We have a strong track record of sourcing artworks for clients from all over the world, particularly families looking for artworks from family members or ancestors. Since 2017, we have helped over 15 families source such works. We offer our services as a 'buyer agent', meaning we will bid on your behalf at auctions or approach prospective sellers to negotiate a deal. Competitive fees are to be discussed on an individual basis.



We are now offering customers the option to design pieces to cater for their needs; 'Build Your Own Story'. We help customers understand their preferences, interior requirements, sentimental ideas, etc. in order to create the most suitable acquisition or gift. Once we have all the characteristics, based upon our research, we can source or build their appropriate 'Custom Creation'.

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