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Gabriel Namatjira was an influential Indigenous Australian artist. Grandson of the legendary Albert Namatjira, and son of influential Aboriginal artist, Enos, Gabriel belonged to the Hermannsburg School, a group of Aranda artists from the small town near Alice Springs, producing earthy, spiritual watercolours of Central Australian landscapes. Each location, formation and tree has deep spiritual significance to the Aboriginal people, and are recurring in all Hermannsburg paintings. His grandfather was the champion of this European-inspired style borrowed from his teacher, Rex Battarbee, a white man. Albert adopted the style and made it famous worldwide, and synonymous with mid-century Indigenous Australian art. Several generations of his Western Arrente family also adopted the style, including Gabriel, who tragically only lived 27 years. This large, stunning piece was painted the year of his death, and was originally purchased from Rex Battarbee's Tmara-Mara Gallery in Alice Springs in May 1969. 


"White Gum, MacDonnell Ranges, N.T." (1969)


32.5 x 49.5cm

signed lower left


*purchased from Tmara-Mara Gallery, Alice Springs, May 1969

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