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DAN KOFLER (1946 - )

Dan Kofler is a well respected Romanian painter. He is a Sephardic Jew born in Bucharest, whose ancestors settled in Granada, having left Sefarad in 1492. His artistic vocation has been expressed in music and painting and is Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of La Sorbonne. His paintings appear in museums in the cities of Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Essen or Dusseldorf, and in private collections such as Rothschild, Sai Dc, Shojer, Dc. David Sella, Isaac Idis, Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, Ana Marie Renger, Marie Schlai, Zeev Shif and Shalom Passy, among others.


"Untitled" (1972)

mixed media

34 x 23.5cm

signed lower left



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