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BELA BAN (1909 - 1972)

 Bela Ban was a prominent Hungarian Modernist. He studied graphics at the College of Industrial Arts under Ferenc Helbing and was a pupil of Gyula Rudnay at the Fine Arts College. He was a member of the Group of Socialist Artists, and collaborated with Lajos Vajda, Endre Bálint and Piroska Szántó in Szentendre. In 1988, 167 works of art arrived from Israel to Hungary from the family's personal collection. Between 1946-1960 he participated in several exhibitions: Galerie Creuze Paris, Fényes Adolf Room, Budapest, Galerie Creuze, Paris, Galeria Antigona, Buenos Aires.

BAN, Bela.jpg

"Forest Scene, Hungary" (c.1940)

pastel on paper


stamp & inscribed on verso



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