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MARION L. FERRIER (1882 - 1977)

Marion L. Ferrier (Jagger) RAS is a pioneering, yet forgotten, Australian Female Impressionist. Trained at the Sydney Art School directly under acclaimed teacher and painter, Julian Rossi Ashton, Ferrier exhibited consistently at the Royal Art Society from 1912-1925. In 1914, she relocated to Dee Why (the first female artist in the Artist Colony), under the guidance of the iconic Australian Symbolist, Sydney Long. This work of Long's beloved Dee Why is very reminiscent of his trademark style and content. This impressive work was exhibited (No.19) at Anthony Horderns' Fine Art Gallery from June 1st-14th, 1921 alongside works by some of Australia's most important, pioneering and enduring female artists; including Dorrit Black, Grace Crowley & Anne Dangar, etc. The exhibition was a celebration of emerging female artists, particularly encouraging traditional Australian Landscape art, which was in vogue at the time. Ferrier had 20 original works in this show, includ. this piece, several more than her contemporaries, a reflection of how highly regarded she was. 


"Glimpse Of The Lake (Dee Why), N.S.W." (1917)

oil on canvas

60 x 36cm

signed lower right



*exhibited at Anthony Hordern's Fine Art Gallery, 1921

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