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ANNI ALBERS (1899 - 1994)

Anni Albers was a German-American textile artist and printmaker. A significant member of Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus, she is perhaps the most important and well-regarded textile artist of the 20th century. She was also the wife of Josef Albers. This limited edition screenprint produced in 1969, during the limited period when Albers experimented with print media, including lithography & screenprint. The edition of this work is ed. 37/60. In fact, the following print in this run (ed. 38/60) is part of the Busch-Reisinger Museum Collection, at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.


"Triadic Series F" (1969)

screenprint, ed. 37/60

62 x 58cm

signed & dated '69 lower right

*Denis Croneen Galleries, 1972



* ed. 38/60 is in the Harvard University / Busch-Reisinger Museum Collection

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

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