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BARRY OTTO (1941 - )

Barry Otto is a legendary Australian actor, thespian and artist. He has enjoyed a career in film and television spanning over half a century. For the older generation, he has been a household name and Star of Australian Theatre. For the younger generation, apart from being father to renowned actors and director, Miranda and Gracie, he is best known for his award winning roles in Australian Film, including Strictly Ballroom, Cosi, Australia, The Dressmaker, Great Gatsby, and my favourite, as the eccentric advertising executive, Harry Joy in the Australian cult classic, Bliss.

However, Otto's passion is painting. Since the age of 14, he immersed himself in art and making art, with influences such as Lord Frederic Leighton, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Pierre Auguste Renoir. A multiple entrant and subject of the Archibald Prize over many years, this year Barry was the focus of Contemporary & Street Artist Anthony Lister's Doug Moran Prize Portrait, which was a finalist.

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